Mixed reactions following vulgar rap love song dedicated to Senator Karen Nyamu

It's not quite clear whether the politician was bothered by the song or somewhat pleased by it following her reaction.

Senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has responded to a rap ballad dedicated to her by a group of aspiring artists from Nakuru County.

It's not quite clear whether the politician was bothered by the song or somewhat pleased by it following her reaction.

Taking to her official Instagram page, she shared with her over 249k followers a snippet of the song. Karen posted a video clip of the dedication song where a bunch of youths could be seen dancing around with a huge photo of the politician smiling as well as placards that read her name and their town.


While two guys positioned at the very front who identify themselves as Shawn Mugz and Zenga Sensation went on to rap about the politician.

In the lyrics, although somewhat vulgar they can be heard praising Karen Nyamu's beauty as they go on to cry over how she gives youths sleepless nights.

Part of the song goes,  “nani kadogo kazuri? Ka mummy ka pretty kasupu, kanafanya ma youth hatulali


(who is that small and pretty? A grown woman, very beautiful to the extent that she makes us youths fail to sleep).”

And as if that wasn't enough one of the guys goes on to confess his love for the politician as he boldly asks her if she'd date him.

“Nyamu, can you be my boo?” The young man asks in between the song as his counterpart goes on to rap vulgarly lyrics I'm unable to type her about Karen Nyamu's physic.

Captioning the video the mother of 3 wrote, " Hawa nikiwapata ni ma nyahunyo tu (these ones, if I catch them it will just be whips on whips)🤺🤺"

On her comment section netizens had divided reactions to the song with some blaming her for the way she carries herself which they felt is what has given such boys the idea that they can publicly disrespect her.

The rest took the moment as a laughing matter as they went on to muse over how Kenyans grow more and more insane by the day.

Below are a few comments; 

Jowy.maina: What does she expect with the way she carries herself (venye anajibeba)… respect yourself first in order to receive that respect.”

Oga Obinna: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ukipendwa pendeka

Dj_nexus_254: karenzo.nyamu should take this video down from YouTube; this is not good, bad language for a leader like you

Mumsquared: Wanajua thamweli Ni Sanse 🤣🤣🤣

Ezeresov: Siwewe umewatuma😂sikuonangi poa nani😂

emmzmouti: I don’t blame them, the way you carry yourself is the reason why they can make a song like this

On her Insta stories, the Senator went on to repost posts from other people who had posted the song and tagged her no matter how obnoxious the caption. Leaving us to wonder what her genuine reaction to the musical piece was.

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