Vincent Mboya calls out Stevo Simpleboy and Omusula for being thankless

Mboya highlighted he'd helped air their predicaments but they failed to acknowledge him upon receiving aid

YouTube content creator Vincent Mboya
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Vincent Mboya through his social media has released a statement calling out budding musician Stevo Simpleboy and viral 'ata jina hutaki' commentator Leornad Omusula for failing to thank him after he aired their predicaments and got them help.

Mboya's beef with the two is the fact that after prominent people as well as fellow Kenyans came through for them neither one of them gave him a vote of thanks or came looking for him to appreciate the help his platform gave them.

On his socials, the YouTuber shared his thoughts on the subject of ungratefulness as he went on to add that at the end of the day his blessings would still come.

Quoting the famous Swahili proverb, "Twenda wema nenda zako", the digital content creator highlighted that that was his life's motto whether he got praise or not.

“I raised Stivo Simple Boy’s case he got help from an MP and went without even thanking me. 

I have raised Leonard Omusula’s case, and he has gotten help from an MP the same (with him) too, no thank you. The moral lesson is do good and move on," Mboya's post read. 

Last week, Vincent came across Leonard begging on the streets. He went ahead to share he young man's plight and gave Leonard a platform to ask Kenyans for help.

Butere MP Tindi Mwale came to Leonard's aid, promising to give him a job in his administration and help set him up. The two shared a meal at Mwale's home amid conversation as the politician vowed to help change Leonard's life.

About 3 weeks ago Vincent Mboya had a sit down with Stevo Simpleboy's wife, Grace Akinyi. In the interview Grace revealed how badly they were struggling as she accused the artist's management of mishandling him.

Upon coming across the story Mumias East MP Peter Salasya came to Stevo's aid. He not only got a new place for the artist but he also did for him extensive house shopping, electronics included and paid 3 months' rent in advance for him.

Do you think Mboya is entitled to calling out these two or was theirs an act of scratch my back seeing as their stories gave Mboya's channel popularity and he gets revenue from posting such videos? 

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