50 cent facing battery charges after throwing a mic at the crowd

image: hiphop DX
American rapper 50 Cent image: hiphop DX

American veteran rapper, actor and producer Curtis James Jackson popularly known as 50 cent is currently trending after he hurled a microphone at his fans leaving one seriously injured.

The 48 year old was in Los Angeles as part of his "Final Lap" tour 2023, when the incident occurred. 

Is this about to be a trend now? Should fans add helmets to their list of things to carry when heading out for a concert? 


Several video footages of the now viral moment shows the rapper taking a mic and launching it into the crowd, but the video does not clearly show where the device landed.

However, Page Six, reports that the mic hit Bryhana Monegain, who is a host at radio station Power 106 leaving her with a head injury.

TMZ also reports that the injured fan is in deed LA Power's radio host. A video posted on their website shows a woman who the outlet identified as Bryhana holding a white cloth over her forehead, apparently being loaded into an ambulance.


"I just want them to check my brain. I just want to make sure ain’t nothing bleeding," the woman can be heard saying in yet another video they posted.

Subsequent photos show her laying down, lifting up gauze and revealing a large gash on her forehead.

Multiple reports highlighted that the rapper had launched the malfunctioning microphone aimed at the production crew during his performance at Crypto Arena but it went off and struck Bryhana.

Following the incident, Bryhana has gone ahead and officially filed a police report, making 50 Cent now a suspect in a criminal felony battery.

What lead the famed 'Power' actor to lash out in such a barbaric manner?

It is reported that while on stage 50 was handed several mics that appeared to not work, which was clearly triggering, and upon receiving another faulty one without sound he lost his cool and threw it.

There are multiple videos of the same event available on the internet, which show that the rapper had gotten two non-functional microphones one by one; the first one he dropped at the edge of the stage.

But when he received another microphone that also experienced technical difficulties, it made him furious, and he threw it away towards the crowd accidentally hitting the radio host.

In a statement to USA TODAY, 50's attorney, Scott Leemon, denied claims his client intended to strike a fan. 

"Let's be very clear, as I told LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone.

Anyone saying something different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed," Mr. Leemon said.

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