There's so much money in content creation! Mama Olive advises

Mama Olive is a award winning photographer and digital content creator

Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive smiling.
Image: Instagram

Multi-award-winning photographer and digital content creator Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive is letting her fans in on how she has harnessed the beauty of content creation to the extent of living off it.

The mother of 3 opened up about her journey during a Q&A session that she had with her followers on her Instagram page.

The topic came about when a curious netizen asked Tatiana if she could talk about her she manages to cater to her family comfortably without an 8-5 or the usual conventional jobs.

"How did you start a business that's able to cater to your family fully? " Asked the Instagram user. 

Responding to this the fitness enthusiast started by letting it be known that she actually studies photography as a course and it isn't something she just stumbled upon. 

The rest was just a hint of luck and resilience.

"So, I went to University in Amsterdam and The Hague to study photography, and when I came back home, I stumbled upon content creation," started off the fitness enthusiast.

Tatiana went on to add that just like most content creators, although a traumatic time globally the pandemic did help her and her career.

"And you know what? It really took off for me during Covid. I know it might sound controversial, but Covid actually gave birth to my content creation job. 

It's been a blessing in disguise, allowing me to fully support my kids,"

Finishing up she enforced that the arena was overflowing with untapped potential and money to be made, encouraging those thinking about it to quiet their fears and dive right in.

While on that streak Tatiana noted that contrary to what people thought she wasn't even among the big earners when it comes to photography and content creation. That should tell you how well-paying the field truly is.

"And let me tell you, there's money to be made in photography and content creation.

 I may not be raking in the big bucks like some others in the game, but I'm confident that one day, it's going to happen... Just you wait and see," the last of her post read. 

Tatiana is an amazing photographer and CEO of Tatiana Karanja Photography, She has previously noted that her love for photography started when she was just 12 years old.

Highlighting she has enjoyed growing at it and learning the art ever since.

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