Samidoh shows off KCPE certificate as he shares dreams of being a lawyer

Samidoh went on to reveal that he dreamed of being a lawyer back in the days.

Image: Facebook

Globally celebrated Mugithi artist and police officer Samuel 'Samidoh' Muchoki has left his fans super impressed after he unveiled his KCPE certificate.

Samidoh went on to highlight he was the epitome of beauty and brains as he brought it to the attention of netizens that he was index one back in his prime days.

Meaning he was the smartest kid in his class that year.


Sharing the post on his Facebook page, the father of 4 went on to reveal that he dreamed of being a lawyer back in the days. Kenyans being their true authentic self tolled the musician asking him not to worry as he back a lawyer by association.

Netizens argued that the universe brought him together with a lawyer through his baby mama Senator Karen Nyamu and that is better than having your dreams  completely crashed.

"Huyo index number one wa kwenu anafanyanga nini siku hizi, (and the person who was index number one in your school back in the days, what exactly does he do these days)?" Started off the artist semi praising himself and chiding kids who used to be super smart in school.

He went on to make fun of himself and his career listing how far apart the two are from what he wanted to achieve while growing up.

"I aspired to be a lawyer. Saa hii mimi ni One man guitor AKA. Singing police man. Dreams not shattered bado nakula mbuku," the last of his caption read highlighting that the father of 4 still had plans of chasing his dreams of pursuing law.

The following were his grades per subject: English B+, Kiswahili A-, Mathematics C+, Science A, Geography, History and Religious Education B+. 

Defending his terrible (compared to the other subjects) score in mathematics the entertainer blamed his teacher and their teaching methods as to why he performed poorly.

"Hehe si mko curious mimi ni mwalimu wa maths tu hatukua tunaskizana sana Otherwise." Samidoh wrote.

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