Ladies Zari believes shouldn't be having cosmetic surgery

The mom of 5 has been pretty open about the surgeries she has had

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
Image: Courtesy

If you're not loaded, rethink booking that cosmetic surgery appointment. That's the message reality TV star and entrepreneur Zari Hassan is sending out to all ladies across the globe.

Speaking about her procedures and why she wouldn't allow anyone to shame her over working on her body, the mother of 5 reminded people that the cost of surgery does not end with the surgeon's visit.

The entrepreneur noted that there were post surgery financial implications such as a new diet regime among other things and that's why financial unstable people should think twice before undergoing any procedure.


Zari went on to emphasize that the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, primarily due to the post-surgery lifestyle commitments.

The Young, Rich and Famous added that she strongly believes there's nothing wrong with cosmetic/plastic surgery if you have the finances, then fully go for it.

"Something people don't know is that after surgery, you need to watch what you eat, you need to exercise, you need to live a healthy lifestyle, take your vitamins... All those things,"  the Ugandan socialite said while talking to the media.


The socialite then added;

“The issue of a woman waking up one day and deciding her belly is big and needs to be removed, women, I tell you, no one should make you feel bad about this. Why should you still have a big belly and you have money for surgery?” 

In the past, Zari has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery to help curve her body to a more desirable one.

"What people say about me undergoing plastic surgery is true but I just removed the excess fat within my legs and tummy," the mother of 5 confirmed in an interview with NTV Uganda

Adding "For now, no matter how fat I get, my stomach and legs can’t go back to the previous size."

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