Chito Ndhlovu
Image: Instagram

Today's Morning Kiss show with Chito Ndlovu and Kwambox's topic was all about skin color and dating.

The topic of the day was

                    "Does the skin colour of your bae matter to you?"

Kwambox shared her experience stating

" This is not something that only happens in relationships, it happens even in general life. That is why you find babes with skin-lightening creams.

I remember a person telling me that he was afraid of introducing his bae to his family because of her skin tone. Chito I even heard you have been bullied because of your skin color."

Chito responded in the affirmative

" yes, I was bullied when I was young because of my skin tone, I even started taking medicines and after some time my father started wondering why I had started to get light. We had a conversation and he told me that it doesn't matter anymore."

Here are some of Kiss FM listeners responses;

Caller: Dark skin is not bad, but I wouldn't want my man dark because I am dark. I am just thinking of my children I am thinking about the outcome. That is why I got myself a light-skinned guy.

Annette Rafael's: No only the amount of money matters. , kids born in wealth have a perfect skin complexion by default.It is so racist and backward in this era to like people by their colour.

Hadassah E Kavai: skin colour matters juu if am black mbona ni date black skin tenaKwani hauogopi kuzaa albino mblack.

Ochiboh Phelix:The reason why most are still single...uko black and utaskia akisema I want a brown skin...then you start ignoring kale ka fellow black skin....ata ma brown skin pia hutafuta brown skin ...let everyone stick to their lane.

Jim KE 󱢏: As far as I'm concerned, skin complexion husafishwa tu na maisha poa bora utafte pesa..ukiomoka even your looks zinachange.

Erick Aboge Oduor-Obama: Colour is very important. I remember even wale "Human seeds" seeking women from Murang'a walisema wanatafuta mbegu ya tall dark and handsome. I was very disappointed when one of them told me, and I quote "Wewe sio dark, wewe ni kivuli". Do I look like a shadow?

Neema Welikhe: If am light skin I'll always go for dark skinned guy, but if am dark skinned I'll look for a light skinned guy. Mbona tuzae watoi only for them to suffer in future! Either weusi saaana ama boy child brown excess ! So yes, ndio the heart matters but colour pia muhimu.

Ian Wa Mashash: Manze colour inamatter vibaya when it comes to kusire kids..tuseme watu wawili website wameona what will be the outcome of the breed surely.