Mark Masai opens up on how getting fired was a blessing in disguise

Mark revealed the changed helped him rediscover himself and view life from a different perspective

Celebrated Kenyan journalist Mark Masai.
Image: Instagram

Former NTV news anchor/ PR and communications strategist Mark Masai is opening up on why he joined the media and how different life has been since he ditched the newsroom.

Speaking during a session at the Baraza Creative Series event the seasoned journalist highlighted how different things have been including him having more time for his family.

Mark revealed that getting fired and leaving the conventional newsroom that had been home for him for years on end was a huge blessing in disguise.

The change helped him to be able to view life from a different perspective and rediscover himself.

“Not being in the newsroom, I got an opportunity to explore new talents. The experience opened my eyes, enabling me to navigate the digital space and discover new opportunities in the corporate world. 

Now, I find more time to be with my children and family, being more present in their lives," Mark who has now found his space in the acting world candidly said.

Mark Masai.
Image: Instagram

On why he joined the media space in the first place the 38 year old noted that he just wanted to speak to the world and have it listen to him. Recounting his journey to the space, Mark counted himself lucky as he didn't have to tarmac like most people do after graduating from universities and colleges.


“I was very fortunate...I didn’t have to hustle much after college. I secured an internship on radio and eventually landed on the business desk," Mark said before adding;

"Joining media exposed me to more aspects of life... I wanted a breakthrough to speak to the world and have them listen to me.

When I started my first media job, I was naive, and people told me I used to dress like a news anchor.”

Touching on what the journey and his celebrity status has taught him the actor opined that it is easy to get lost in the fame and luxury adding that one ought to always find something to ground themselves as there is more to life than money.

“There was a time when I was going through tough situations despite the fame and money.

I had to call myself for a meeting to understand that there’s more to life than just being famous and making money. It’s easy to lose yourself in the journey; it can get crazy, and you might forget who you are.” Mark said.

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