Georgina reveals Tyler knew her photos had leaked online before she did

The content creator recounted how Tyler calmly took her out of the house and broke the news to her

Digital content creator Georgina Njenga
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Georgina Njenga is recounting the traumatic experience she had earlier this year after her nudes leaked online.

She addressed the story after a curious netizen brought it up asking her how she was able to move past it and if she knows who leaked them. Georgina heaped praises on her  baby daddy Tyler Mbaya and her mom for being her pillars during that time adding that she had had 3 years to prepare for the leak so she wasn't shocked or in distress when it finally happened.

"I don't think I am in a comfortable space to name whoever leaked those photos because probably that is what he wanted.

He probably thought I'd go rant, name drop and all that but I am not ready to say who," candidly stated the mother of one.

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha with Georgina Njenga in the past
Image: Instagram

She added that she would touch on some aspects of the story such as how she knew the bombshell was about to happen and how she dealt with the whole ordeal but the perpetrators name would remain unmentioned.

Georgina recalled how the guy had been blackmailing her for 3 years before he finally took action.

"The craziest thing is I knew it was going to happen, he started threatening me from 2020 when Tyler and I went public with our relationship. It didn't even take 2 days after we went public.

At that point I was so scared! I used to deactivate my accounts then restore them, I used to cry all the time I felt like my life was over. So by the time it happened I had already made peace with it. I had accepted it by the time that it was happening.

Tyler used to tell me, 'it will happen one day, whether it is tomorrow, next week, next year or in 10 years, you just be sure that it will' and that had already stuck in my mind. I knew no matter how much I begged or how much money I sent him he would still leak them," Georgina said.

Georgina Njenga
Image: courtesy

On how she found out that the pics had already been leaked, the digital content creator noted that her baby daddy found out before she did and is the one who told her the worst had finally happened.

"I'm not even the one who found out, it was him (Tyler) and he broke it down for me stating how no matter what he is going to be there for me. For a moment my heart broke, but I had already accepted it was going to happen so what I was dealing with at that time is what other people were saying," the mother of one revealed.

Georgina recalled her tribe and how supportive they were highlighting that her mother did her very best to be there for her.

"I was protected from what other people were saying because my mom was supportive. I hadn't told her about it for the past 3 years but when it happened, I called her and told her everything that had happened before the story blew up because it blew up a little later.

As long as Tyler was there for me and my mom and my close friends, I was safe. The people that loved me and knew the whole story were there for me so everything else didn't matter," Georgina calmly said.

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