Crazy Kennar shares heart breaking news at his just concluded Happy Country show

Digital content creator Crazy Kennar.
Image: Instagram/Crazy Kennar

Beloved digital content creator, comedian and brand influencer Crazy Kennar has left the nation and his fans speechless after he revealed that just 4 days before his successful #Happy Country event he and his partner lost their toddler.

After the sold out show, Kennar got emotional while he walked around hugging and congratulating his crew before they took a bow, thanking everyone who had attended the comedy show.

Shortly after this, while giving his vote of thanks the 25 year old comedian revealed he had been in mourning as he worked super hard to ensure Happy Country was a success as he did not want to cancel out on his fans.


That is insane! The strength this young man possesses is out of this world truly.

"Unfortunately, my son died 4 days ago. so It has been a very tough journey for me because we had to go through that and at the same time still make the show," emotionally revealed Kennar.

He went on to preach a message of love and brotherhood reminding fellow citizens to learn to extend grace to others and just be one another's keeper as you never truly know what someone is going through... especially those who are always happy and there for others.


"My word as Happy Citizens is, whenever you see somebody walking while smiling it is okay to go and ask them if they are okay. or not.. Just... just go ask them if they are okay.

Let us be our brothers keeper, let us be our sisters keeper, let us love one another and thank you very much!" The YouTube content creator emotionally said while on stage.

Netizens online rallied to send their love and heartfelt messages of condolences to the young content creator as they commended his resilience and hard work.

Everyone confirmed Kennar is really who he thinks he is and a super G.O.A.T when it comes to content creation.

Sending prayers and light to the legit King of Comedy as he and his partner navigate this tough juncture in life.

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