Nyota Ndogo: Please stop mocking my son's skin

The singer expressed her sadness in a teary video she posted on her social media

Nyota Ndogo with her Hubby Henning Nielsen

Kenyan taarab-influenced pop artist Nyota Ndogo born Mwanaisha Abdalla has released a video pleading with netizens to stop speaking ill of her newborn baby boy.

In the video, Nyota Ndogo could be seen with streams of tears rolling down her cheeks as she shared how hurt she was by the vile comments that have been making rounds online making fun of her son's skin colour. 

"I don't understand why someone would take a phone and write hurtful things on social media, insulting people they don't even know.


Do you know we are human too and catch feelings?" started the veteran musician.

She went on to highlight that normally she does not give much thought to keyboard warriors and internet trolls but this time round she could not hold things back as people were going after her young toddler.

"I am never bothered with the things you say, but what has hurt me the most is talking ill of my newborn kid," said Nyota Ndogo with tears streaming down her eyes.


The mother of 3 shared some of the hurtful things she has seen people saying online simply because her son took her dark African complexion instead of his father's white Dutch skin tone while asking people to learn to filter some things as their words were hurtful.

"Someone saying that if the child I just gave birth to is black then that means he was sired by a man who cooks chapati in my hotel while I am the one who makes chapati myself. Did I impregnate myself?" A hurt and infuriated Nyota Ndogo mused in the video. sharing how upset she was with the whole ordeal

The mother of 3 went on to add that her husband loves their child just as he is and is actually happy to have an African child contrary to popular belief.

"When you speak some words you should gauge them, you judge us... you hurt us. The child came out with a dark complexion, and the father loves him just as he is. He is happy to have an African child)," she added amidst tears.

Captioning the emotional video she wrote, "sijapenda, sijafurahi kabisaa..."

The 'Watu Na Viatu' hitmaker and her Dutch husband, Henning Nielsen welcomed their first child together after 9 years of marriage 2 weeks ago.

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