Nicholas Kioko with his baby mama Ashley Wambo posing next to their newly constructed house

YouTube content creator and brand influencer Nicholas Kioko is addressing all the negative criticism he has faced since showing off his newly constructed homestead in his rural home.

The father of 2 has been on the receiving end of a lot of negativity from netizens since unveiling his bungalow in Machakos. This is mostly attributed by the kind of homes other content creators have been showing off.

But like the wise old men of the past stated, "mtu hujikuna anapofikia," and Kioko understands this very well.

Speaking on if the online trolling which included his house being likened to a police station or an M-Pesa place had affected him, the father of 2 had this to say;

"It did not affect me. Hao watu wanaongea vibaya si waende wajenge zao. I do not have time for them. Ni watu wako hurt na maisha na wanajiforce kukupenda,"

He further went on to insinuate that some of the trolls were just idle guys paid by his competitors to make him look bad and try bring down his morale.

"Wengine wametumwa competitors to come and comment vibaya on my video."

On if he feels like he should have done more, the YouTube noted he has no regrets and is actually happy that his small family have a place they can call home.

Adding that he is super glad because upon completion of his house, he has followed a huge part of his Kamba tradition.

"I am proud of the police station. Sisi kama Wakamba kama mwananume unafaa kujenga nyumba. When you die your coffin is taken inside your house first before you are buried. So the first thing you have to do is build a house at home," Nicholas candidly stated. 

Finishing up he noted that his baby mama, Ashley Wambo unlike him has such soft skin and negativity really does get to her, however he tries encouraging her ever so often.

His favourite thing is reminding her that said internet trolls don't benefit their lives in any way and their words are just social media musings, not facts cast in stone. 

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