KRG the Don finally comes clean on his relationship status and publicity stunts

KRG talks marriage and clout-chasing

Krg the Don
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Kenyan dancehall artist and digital content creator KRG the Don has revealed that he settled down years ago and he has been pulling publicity stunts with women on the internet.

The father of 3 maintained he had chosen to keep his significant other off social media for the sake of their relationship but that does not mean she is nonexistent.

"Another thing that people are saying is you lied to them that you will introduce your girlfriend ikafika time then you didn't. 

Time ikapita kiasi then you announced but the girlfriend you unveiled isn't the same one that you had been using to drop hints," Obinna candidly asked KRG during a sit down he had with the artist as he urged him to clarify his relationship status and confirm his relationship with the said ready.

Responding to Obinna's inquiries, KRG revealed that he was clout chasing to promote a club gig that he had landed.

The father of 3 revealed that he actually has a wife and that is why he opted to use a different lady for the theatrics instead of putting his lady in the limelight.

KRG the Don

"The thing is that people did not understand the concept. That was a club gig, I was promoting Valentine's. It was black and white, soma caption nani! Kwani you guys did not read the caption?" KRG said calmly as he chuckled.


He went on to add;

"Mimi I have a wife, that was a job... If you go to my Instagram you will clearly see that was a job. She isn't the same woman of course because huyu ni job and the other one ni wife,"


Finishing up the father of 3 emphasized that the whole unveiling his girlfriend thing was a script because he knew it would sell perfectly.

"Bugha alijipanga zamani... she has been there for years. Just because I have never come out in the public to say oohh this and that doesn't mean I am not blessed in that sector.

Mimi ni bughaa nakaa kupata taabu zingine za maisha kweli?,"

On if he married someone else after his baby mama, the dance-hall artist hesitated responding to that question taking time to structure what he'd say.

Picking on his guests reluctance to respond, Obinna changed the question to,"so like you have someone in the house? So mambo ya bibi iko sorted?"

"Niko sawa... Alhamdullilah tuko sawa." KRG candidly said.

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