Video: Main reason why Amber Ray wants to undergo plastic surgery

"So I am thinking of 4 or 5 kids all together," Amber added.

Amber Ray with her fiance Kennedy Rapudo

Digital content creator, club host and brand influencer Faith Makau popularly known by her social media moniker Amber Ray is letting her fans in on the one cosmetic surgery she is eyeing.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, the mother of 2, who likes referring to herself as 'bibi ya tajari' opened up on her desire to undergo a mastopexy also known as a breast lift.

"My boobs, nataka zisimame, (I want them to be upright/pointy,)" started off Amber Ray while answering the question of, if she has dreams of doing any plastic surgery.


The socialite who is currently engaged to businessman Kennedy Rapudo went on to add;

"You know I have breastfed both kids and grown men so of course they are not in the right position that I want them to be. So in future, yeah, actually... hopefully soon enough I don't mind. 

Oohh my God, I don't mind, I'd really want to get one," Amber told Mpasho in between giggles.


Touching on if getting the surgery meant that she has decided to close the chapter of kids, the digital content creator said a hard no. She adores being a mom and she still hopes she is blessed to continue growing her family.

"You can do a boob job and still have more kids. Because I still want more kids, probably I am thinking of 2 or 3 kids but it all depends with money because I want to give my kids the very best in life," the socialite candidly said.

"So I am thinking of 4 or 5 kids all together," Amber added. 

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