Tipsy Gee

Arbantone artist Tipsy Gee has released a song in honor of the late reggae queen Jambhy Koikai who succumbed to endometriosis earlier on this week.

The details of the has really praised Jahmby for being a very strong and hard-working woman -who toiled to make ends meet despite her condition and undergoing 21 surgeries which is such a rough path for any human being.




Through this song, Jambhy has been defined as the real strength of a woman as per her strong personality and determination to make the world a perfect place to live for people living with endometriosis.

Tipsy’s fans have really been touched by this song saying it’s such a great hit in honor of the fallen reggae soldier who touched people’s lives through her passion for reggae.

“I just love this guy thanks my mentor for such an amazing song for our beloved Queen,” a fan commented on Tipsy’s Tiktok page.

“A 5-star rate to this song…a moment of silence in honor of the great soul that played a great role in the music industry … it’s well,” another fan commented.

Tipsy Gee who has been the fast-rising Arbantone artist credited for global hit tracks such as “Tiktoker and “Kufinish Kumalo” has shown his determination to drive Arbantone music to greater heights together with other artists of the same genre.

Recently Tipsy revealed that he has raked up immeasurable wealth and success following the release of said song which he collaborated with fellow Arbantone artists Gody Tennor and Kappy.

Speaking with online media, the young artist divulged that music really pays according to his experience.

“I usually do not like to mention amounts a lot but all I can say is music pays,” Tipsy stated.