Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Pastor Ng'ang'a condemned Wajackoyah's idea of preaching about marijuana. The Neno Evangelism Centre pastor was reacting to Waajackoyah's manifesto to legalize the use of Marijuana in the country.

"I have the rights to speak, you will not bring curses in the country by killing our children for using Marijuana. I curse you, may you die before your time comes. Devil," Ng'ang'a said as his congregation cheered him on," said Ng'ang'a

He went on to say;

"I will not call for demonstrations or meetings to pray for such things, I will control from the skies. I will take control and my powers will fight you since you don't care but we are sure you will care at some point."

Reacting to Pastor Ng'ang'a, Kamene said

"There is a saying; don't tell me about a spec in my eye when you have a log in yours."

She went on to refer to Ng'ang'a as the moral authority in this case.

Obinna added;


"I was like, do you thing you are the perfect person? Its like the pot calling the kettle black. I'm like Surprise, kwani niko nchi ingine.

Wajackoyah promised that he will be releasing all inmates arrested over weed possession were he to becomes president adding that through the sell of Marijuana, he will get the country out of debt.