Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna is asking women to stop being entitled to money that is not their own.

Obinna was debating with Kamene Goro on whether or not a man should give money to his girlfriend.

"Your boyfriend is not your father. Your boyfriend is not your dad. When you start expecting your boyfriend to give you money to pay your own bills, you become entitled."


Obinna went on to ask women to stop being beggars.

"Your boyfriend giving you money is an extra of what you already have or working on or what you are already achieving. It should be willing, not begging. You are now a useless fellow, babe I need to make my hair. You are entitled to what is not your own. "

Obinna went on to call such women con-women who lie about things so that they get money to do things for themselves.


"You are becoming a con, liars. You are becoming thieves, useless for lack of better word."

The presenter concluded by asking women to work for their money.

In the past, Obinna has opened up about not giving any woman has had dated money.

"I am not giving you money, I do not give women money. Most men go broke because of giving the wrong women money."

"Someone sent me 20k and now Kamene  wants me to send her 5k but I’ll only send 1k at most 1500."

He went on to calculate the math;

"You go to an event and you are surrounded by 7 women, they all want to take shots and each shot is Ksh 400. The truth is that they won't take one round, so you do the math."

"Add shisha and food into that budget. By the time you leave the club you have paid 50,000."

"You also need to drop them home, you have not paid your rent, etc."

He added that the woman he's able to give money is his mother and his baby mamas but not a woman he is dating.

"My mum, first lady, and your baby mamas so that you can keep them away. Stop giving women money."