Chito Ndhlovu
Chito Ndhlovu

Chito Ndhlovu has announced moving on from the Kiss FM drive show which he hosts with co-host Cyd Wambui.

Ndhlovu shared a social media post announcing he had been on the drive show for two years, following his exit from the stations night show 'Maloko'

"Thee Chito in #ChitoAndCyd is moving on.The last 2 years hosting this show @kiss100kenya has been a dream come true. We have shared laughter, tears, pain and lots of joy together," he said. 


Adding, "Doing this with @cydwambui has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. As, I move to something new, I am reminded that he who begun a good work in you and I, is able to see it to fruition.Never forget, silence is golden, speech is silver and i am The Golden Voice, Chito Ndhlovu."

His co-host Cyd gave him her blessings "It really has been a pleasure working with you. I am proud to see you reach your dreams. I'm proud of you."

His social media followers have wished the radio personality the best in his next move.


MariahMariah: Chito!! You’ve been amazing and truly gifted in your craft! #TAKEOVER season just began!

Jaberwostuti: Oh Chito! Thank you for lending your golden voice to the brand! We will miss you at Kiss! But I am certain we will have an opportunity to collaborate on many more! 

Marion Kisoso: Seems like just the other day you joined @kiss100kenya! The very best on your next journey πŸ™

Azeezah: You are an absolute master at your craft Chito! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ can’t wait to see what the new chapter holds for you

Paulndite: Thank you for awesome podcast and giving us a good show all that time. Godspeed Chito on the next assignment.

Itsthebestbett: Thee Golden Voice! Broh you are the definition of 'made it'. Pleasure to have worked with you. Onwards πŸ™Œ

trulyanndegwa: Gosh Chiitttsssss! I wish you all the best in your next chapter.

Petersonndereba: Keep soaring higher lion king πŸ‘‘ big fans we've got you always