Babu Owino holds 90 minute math session impressing Kenyans

Embakasi east Mp has concluded another free online maths class

babu owino math class october 2022
babu owino math class october 2022

Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino is a man who loves maths. It comes so easy to him that he is eager to help those Kenyans among us who struggle.

Over the weekend, Babu Owino successfully conducted a free online math class for this year's KCPE candidates.


The brilliant legislator offered his skills to help ease anxiety writing;

"We are BACK with a BANG! Tune in TOMORROW’S LIVE on my Facebook Babu Owino,Instagram @he.babuowino ,twitter @HEBabuOwino and you tube BABU OWINO TV at 7.30PM as we HELP our KCPE CANDIDATES prepare to pass EXAMS with flying colors," Babu announced.

Babu Owino
The-Star Babu Owino

But  this isn't the first time that the politician has offered his services to Kenyans who need free math services.

The first time babu Owino ever did such an initiative was in may 2020 during the pandemic when he offered students in online learning free tutoring.


He declared that maths is the easiest subject on earth. For a couple of hours, the youthful MP  meticulously took Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination candidates, through revision of some of the most complex units of Mathematics following school closure over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Babu expressed sadness that those earmarked for this exercise could not join their peers because some of them did not have internet or laptop access.

He then kicked off the session declaring; “Mathematics is the easiest subject on earth.”

A video of the MP enthusiastically doing problems on a whiteboard impressed Facebook users who took note of how happy he appeared to be genuinely helping out.

After the lesson, Mr. Owino credited his knowledge to his upbringing saying he recognized at an early age that “It’s only Education that could get me from the shackles of poverty and I decided to concentrate on it.”

He added;

"I remember when we used to go without food but still had to soldier on and find my path in life. A path that was to make a difference to my mum and other family members. I had to burn the midnight oil to study at the same time sell chang’aa to raise my school fees."

He admitted to this on his active Twitter page.

We at Kiss FM would like to wish all candidates the best of luck in their forthcoming exams that begin at the end of November.

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