Weird accommodation demands landlords ask from tenants

Apartment owners list of rules to be followed by tenants

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Some landlords have been called out for their notorious behavior of putting in place crazy weird rules that must be followed by the accommodated tenants.

1. One cannot rent the apartment if not living with a spouse

A post has been circulating on social media about a notice made by the landlord to tenants.

The notice stated that effective from 1st January 2023, only married couples would be accommodated in the apartment.

Tenants are required to provide their details and those who do not adhere to the new rule will be cleared and asked to vacate.

2. Responsibility over any cost on damage repairs that may occur after you take possession

In some apartments, the first look may seem flashy until you take possession of the house and later realize some damages were not dealt with before renting the apartment.

It becomes a source of conflict since the tenant has to pay for the damage once he or she has taken possession.

3. Pets are not allowed

Pets are prohibited in some apartments as some of the tenants that keep them are unhygienic and may not take good care of the apartment while living with the pet.

Also, some pets like cats may creep into the houses of other tenants in search of food with may cause discomfort for the other tenants.

4. A key to your apartment

While it may not seem like it, your landlord does want to make sure that both you and the apartment remain intact while you're living there.

In most cases the key is to be used in only a few cases:

To make repairs that you've requested without you having to wait to continue with your other businesses.

To check on your well-being if your loved ones raise reasonable levels of concern to show your apartment to new prospective tenants, after notifying you first.

However, some landlords use the key for the wrong purpose and raise insecurity concerns.

5. Only a limited number is offered accommodation

Some landlords do not permit a certain additional number of people to accommodate a single apartment.

Only a limited number is offered accommodation, for instance, if it has a two-bedroom house, only four people could be allowed to live there.

6. Students cannot be accommodated in the apartment.

Some landlords feel like student tenants are too much work.

This is because most students, especially those in the University, depending on their parents for rent allowance and they make a lot of noise hosting parties.

In that case, they may end up delaying rent payment and causing noise disturbance making other tenants uncomfortable and raising complaints.

7. The gate should be locked by 10 pm

There are apartments whose rules direct that the gate should be locked at 10 pm by the security guard.

This is to avoid issues of insecurities.

Past 10 pm, the security guard is not permitted to open the gate for anyone till 5 am.

8. Inspections

Most landlords inspect accommodating a tenant just before the tenant leaves for damages, and repair inspection.

Although in some apartments, regular inspections are the norm.

This is to maintain high levels of hygiene in the apartment.

Most importantly, they're looking to make sure that you are living up to your responsibilities to keep the place in good condition.

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