How separation from parents affects young children

Children are not to be raised from single parenthood

Young children usually wonder why they have to choose between two homes, either stay with the mother or the father

Such thoughts going through the mind of a young child, especially if he or she is used to staying with both of his or her parents as one united family is tough and unhealthy.

This affects them in their:

Academic Performance

Due to the mind of the child being in divided in different thoughts, he or she is not able to concentrate fully in class.

This may affect their Academic performance and the grades may start to deteriorate.

Mental Health Issues

The child may feel like its their fault and start blaming themselves for the separation.

This may lead to stress and even depression

Behavioural problems

A child from a separated family may start to develop some behavioural changes such as anti social behaviour, deliquency, impulsive behaviour and misconduct.

He or she may even experience conflict between his or her peers.

Risk Taking Behaviours

Children with parents who have separated may lack sufficient life guidance leading to indulgence in risk taking behaviours.

Such behaviours include: misusing drugs, indulging in early sexual activity, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

Socialization Issues

A child that has been raised by a single parent may have isssues socializing with people and my develop an introverted character.

This may be due to lack of enough knowledge on social skills and how to handle different issues at different times.


There are schools which do not admit children raised from single parenthood.

This is a form of stigmatization.

Most times theses rules are made by parents who do not want their children associating with children from single parent homes, in the opinion that they do not want their children borrowing some deliquent behaviours from them.

This is sad as the child may grow up feeling not fully accepted by the society.

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