Upcoming female Reggae and Dancehall sensation Black Heart has dropped "Situation" fourth single off of the BLACK POWER E.P featuring Zj Mhat; an upcoming, massive talented signed under the Half Live record label.

Situation is an uplifting song mainly focusing on the youth for i believe, they are the future generation. The sweet infusion of Patois and Swahili (sheng) in the melodies makes it easier to cut across the message.

Speaking on the new single an elated Black Heart says, “This is a dedication to any person undergoing through stuff in the daily hustle and bustle of life, I want to encourage them that No situation is permanent, worries and worrying is never a solution in life. They should have a positive and optimistic mind of conquering difficulties and wrong turns.

Speaking about the industry, Black Heart is optimistic that the industry is currently growing and Kenyans have started appreciating female artist more “We are making strides in the industry though small, but we are taking over East Africa as the Power house in the entertainment industry in the region.

Oyoko Marion Otieno, aka Black Heart, is a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, thespian and a performing artist.