Willy Paul has upset Kenyans but has made his fellow artiste Badgyal Cecile find herself a little Jesus.
He uploaded his new single featuring Badgyal Cecile, Sikireti Reloaded and Kenyans could not just hold back their hateful comments. He has been forgiven a couple of times for terming his music gospel then surprising us with something completely different.
This time Willy Paul stretched it a little too far and woke Kenyans up. The song featuring Cecile has some crazy lyrics that have no association with what the Gospel is.
Rambo Kanambo, Rabuka mambo… Bruk off your back and whine for the savior

Willy Paul has talent but he should quit saying he sings to praise God and just sing because just like the comments below his song, I am equally not feeling this jam.

The hate got to Badgyal Cecile and so she decided she is going to comment and clear the air once and for all for all those trolls. Cecile said:

i see  that y'all vicious...why they nailing him on the cross like that????i love whatever he's saying in English and i love the beat i need a little Jesus in my life so for me this is great

Badgyal Cecile is defending him in support of their new song yet she does secular music and so for her that is okay, she is doing her job as per the description. Cecile is known to many as Jamaican Recording Artiste.

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Here is a screenshot of Cecile's defense: