Ati What!? Kwambox and Obinna to pastor saying people in heaven look 'Chinese'

The pastor has seen God countless times

Kwambox and Obinna
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In today's morning Kiss, Kwambox narrated a story of a female pastor, Mfalme Zumaridi who said people in heaven look like the Chinese. 

The female pastor from the Mwanza region in Tanzania disclosed this information during an interview with the broadcaster Millard Ayo.

She said that when she was in third grade she was born by God in form of the sun.  


She also shared that she went to heaven and found out that everyone there looks like the Chinese. This sent Obinna laughing hard. 

He did not understand what the pastor meant by Chinese looking.


"Does she mean Chinese looking or short or industrial, what does she mean by Chinese looking?" Obinna questioned. 

Kwambox continued to narrate the way the pastor has seen God so many times.

Mfalme also said that the buildings in heaven are tall and everything there is gold. 

She went ahead to claim that God took her to heaven with a covenant to lead the world. 

Kwambox wondered what that mean for black people seeing that people in heaven look like the Chinese according to the pastor.

"Kenyans won't have a break in heaven," she said. 

The two were puzzled at the same time entertained by the pastor's story. 

"Welcome to the republic of china," joked Obinna. 

Not only has the pastor been to heaven but she also claims that she went to hell on a lion. Yes, you read that right.

see, after she was born in the form of the sun her God ordered her to get up and get on the back of a lion, and she then found herself in hell. 

"We were walking in hell, I was shown dead people they were just bones. There was a great darkness in hell, but when we arrived, the light appeared amazingly. Strange what I saw in hell, those people follow me as if I am their savior," she explained her encounter.

Story za jaba ama?

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