Kwambox and Obinna give tips on avoiding thieves in the CBD

Nairobi City has witnessed a rise in the crime rate the past few months

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

Today morning Kwambox and Obinna were concerned about the rate at which robbery is rising in CBD.   

"Nairobi people are being robbed, in the hotels, matatus, everywhere," said Obinna.

Kwambox found a list of how to avoid being robbed in Nairobi town written by Mpasho writer Millicent Atieno. 


What should you know about the CBD when it comes to staying safe; Walk fast in the CBD. This will throw off anyone who is trying to take you out. 

It is almost impossible to keep up with someone who is walking fast and this is the easiest way to lose your stalker.  


Avoid talking to strangers. This is how they get a chance to drug you and you follow them to wherever they go or give them your belongings without them having to struggle.  


Keep your phone and valuables out of sight. Keep everything where it cannot be seen. 

if you have shallow pockets, especially women's pockets, find other alternatives to carry your goodies to avoid being spotted as a target.  

Obinna also advised that one should avoid carrying expensive things when going to town.  

"Wacha wig nyumbani," he stated. 

From my own personal experience, one would rather carry a backpack in the front instead of carrying it on your back.

I also found that I should avoid carrying bags that are not zip-ups, like bucket bags and tote bags. 

As pretty as they look they can make you an easy target because your bag is easily accessible.  

Do not use headphones was also a recommendation that the Mpasho writer made.

This one threw off Obinna seeing as he is a fan of listening to music as he does his errands.  

He was advised to only have his earphones plugged in on one side by Kwambox. 

This point could be very relevant to most of us who normally have our headphones on.

To make it worse one is always looking for the loudest pair of earphones they can find. 

Finally, the last way to avoid being robbed in the CBD is by suspecting everyone. 

Thieves be looking good too.

They can be friendly, they can be old, they could be dressed in a suit, and there is no way of telling who is innocent and who is not.

As Obinna says, Avoid! 

"Even yourself, unaweza jiibia, including the police, women, viwete," Obinna added.

He also gave another way a Kenyan can end up being robbed in Nairobi town.

"You sit at the front of a matatu and then someone sits next you and asks you to help the driver do something then your phone goes," he explained.

There was a solution to staying safe that was given by Kwambox and let me tell you Maina...  

"Come naked and act crazy nobody is going to rob you, put your valuables inside a sack, guys are not going to attack you," Kwambox.

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