During the morning show, Chito and Kwambox took it upon themselves to share some wonderful tips with the Mungai Eve.

As you all know Mungai Eve lost access to the YouTube channel she was working for which was owned by her ex-boyfriend, Trevor.

Eve has now created a new YouTube channel which is performing well and has 86.1K subscribers at the moment.


"Things to do now that you have a brand new account, Mungai Eve!," Chito started.

"At number one, don't mix business with pleasure," Kwambox stated.

"Alafu the second thing, do not give your logins to your boyfriend. Sahau hiyo maneno," Chito continued.


Giving out the third one with drumrolls  Kwambox advised her saying, "If you find yourself with a new partner and they want to do business with you, please refer to number one and number 2."

Sharing her thoughts Kwambox said some guys would want to date Mungai Eve just to have her numbers.

Watch the video below: