During the evening talk show, Muchina Maloba and Cyd Wambui had an insightful conversation about the random things that they find attractive to the opposite gender.

Their discussion provided interesting insights about their "turn-ons" in potential partners and highlighted the traits over physical appearance.

Sharing their perspectives, the hosts dropped the question for viewers.


Starting the discussion Muchina posed the question to Cyd " What are some of the random things you love about someone?" 

Interpreting the question Cyd asked, " What turns me on in man? Si you just go directly."

" A man's neck, and hands that have veins," Cyd shared.


Muchina shared his turn-on saying "I have a thing with toes, especially like white nail polish."

"If you're a lady and on your toes, you have white nail polish, you need to be calling us up right now! And if you have a tall neck and hands that have veins, " Cyd exclaimed.

Sharing another one Muchina said he also has a thing for foreheads, " Just huge foreheads, I just stare."

What do you find attractive, which is very random? Let us know." Muchina posed the question to their listeners. 

Watch the video below:

Read some comments below from listeners:

Obara Collins Also to those ladies that wear white shirts and black trousers  with specs 

Rose MwabwakaCalmness

Ronny Wamalwa Luku 

Master Dan Eyes, teeth n the size of her legs! Mayie wuod japuonj!

Louisa Kinuthia Forehead

Marion Ke Music taste

aldairpkk Body inafanyiwa workout😍🔥🔥n lips,face generally🙌

ethan_leven kisogo👏