Kiss FM's Chito has reacted to the news of a woman in Brazil who allegedly took the body of her dead uncle to the Bank to get his signature to withdraw money. 

Chito, upon hearing about this, reacted by calling it "dumbness" and questioning why the woman didn't use loan apps to acquire the money instead.

This is some dumbness,Kwani hajui kunakuanga na apps?' 

He also called her a "dumb criminal" and said that it's better to be a criminal who steals mangoes than to do what she did. 

According to Chito, being a dumb criminal is the worst combination possible and it's better to choose one struggle instead.

The Bizarre story 

A Brazilian woman was arrested after brazenly wheeling the fresh corpse of her uncle into a bank branch where she tried to get him to co-sign a loan with her.

Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes, 42, pushed the lifeless body of Roberto Braga, 68, into a bank branch in the Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood of Bangu on Tuesday where the bizarre scene played out.