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Kamene and Obinna at the studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Radio Babe, Kamene Goro, and her co-host the charismatic Oga Obinna, dissected Nairobi's gubernatorial aspirant, Polycap Igathe's latest stunt.

Just like a thousand other Kenyans the two could not wrap their heads around Igathe cleaning public washrooms. 

Kamene explained the photo to Obinna and a shocked Obinna couldn't comprehend what his co-host was telling him," Aahh kuwa serious, wacha Poly? (get serious, you are lying Poly?" Obinna asked. 


Kamene went on to add, "I was like okay, hold up. Sawa we get it wewe ni chapa kazi, ( you are a hardworker) we know. Your track record speaks for itself but do you even clean the toilets in your own house?"


Kamene added that people know what Igathe is trying to communicate but instead of the theatrics, he should communicate without being extra.

"Just wait, alikuwa kwa toilet gani" ( which toilets was he cleaning?). An amused Obinna asked.


"I think ni hizi za kanjo or something..." Kamene replied.


"Town, uptown, downtown... because he must have chosen the cleanest ones because mimi zile nimekuwa... First of all milango hazijifungangi (The doors do not even close)." Obinna said.

Kamene went ahead to point out that Igathe's outfit looked brand new, "Kwanza amevaa kabuti and you can tell it's brand new, sparkling white!"

But before Kamene could finish her statement Obinna quipped, " Amevaa kabuti ya white kuosh choo ( he wore a white dust coat to go clean toilets?)"

" Kwanza those toilets looked as if they'd been washed before he got in to wash them," Kamene replied 

As Obinna wondered whatever had happened to brown dust coats.

" Mimi I cannot wait to see what he does when he gets to the ground like real ground," Kamene told her co-host.

"Leave the ground alone, you know Polycap right now has done everything, the only thing that is remaining ni akuwe chokora ( he becomes a street urchin)" Obinna said.

Imitating Igathe, Obinna tried to come up with a speech that Igathe would present as a street urchin for a day.

"You know street urchins are very misunderstood, today I'll be sleeping here at Grogon...." Obinna couldn't finish the statement as he and his co-host burst into laughter.

"Lakini brathe just needs to top," Kamene said while still laughing. While Obinna seconded her sentiments adding that if they are to elect him they'll elect him.

"You don't need to do this drama, we know this is not you. We know you don't wash toilets, you don't clean cars, you don't go to the bars you claim to..." Kamene finished off.

A few twitter users shared their thoughts on the subject and below are their comments:

@jmmburu: Cleaning toilet and governor job how are they related?

@Baba Lucky: This Igathe is like a mad person. He needs to ask Sonko how to look for votes

@mungaikihanya: Is this something he has been doing in his normal life or something he is doing in order to get elected? ANswer that and you will know whether it is PR or not

@KellyOtumba2: So after mopping,he carried the mopper and the gloves back to his car? 

@1ElishaKiprop: Mbona hakufanya hivo before campaign ( why didn't he start these acts of service before the campaign period?) 

@MShariff1: Hapo inataka hazmat suit

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