Lady denied entry to a matatu because of her takeout food

Cyd Wambui narrated the story of a lady who had been asked to choose between transport or her warm takeout food

cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito

Cyd and Chito got into a very funny conversation over a story of a lady who had been denied entry to a matatu that Cyd Wambui had come across.

"You are saying there is a matatu tout that decided to kick out a babe because of what? " Chito asked his co-host clearly still reeling with astonishment from her story.

" You know how you carry take away food? So this lady had take away, she had carried take away food of chicken.


You know one of those bread crumbed amazing chicken? Yeah that is what she had..." Cyd started off the story painting a vividly  clear picture of the scenario.

Honestly I can outright picture and taste that crispy warm chicken in my mouth.

She went on to add, " she went to get into the matatu to show off, I'm kidding she was just trying to get home," Cyd said before bursting out into laughter.


" But this tout was like, excuse me madam if you are boarding the vehicle you're not boarding with that chicken," Cyd was continuing with her narration before Chito cut her off saying that was discrimination against food and not fair. 

Cyd was not having it though, she continued with the narration " the conductor was like if you want to board you have to eat that chicken before you board this matatu."

Chito however in defense of the lady said, " that is not fair. Allow a woman to eat.  Is it her fault that the rest of us can not afford chicken? Let her enjoy her success." 

"In this economy? Chito in this economy you can not afford to show off," Cyd clearly feeling the pain of being hungry in a matatu as someone munches on some nice grilled chicken and fries from one of those joints in town and ya'all stuck in traffic argued.

"The rest of us let us be inspired by her success," Chito said.

Cyd finished off by saying that if she say in a matatu and someone next to her was eating she would ask them to share completely unembarrassed.

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