Georgina Njenga-I am beautiful regardless of my stretch marks

The content creator recently gave birth but online trolls have been on her case bullying her to get back in shape

Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend Georgina
Tyler Mbaya and Georgina Njenga Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend Georgina
Image: instagram

Digital creator Georgina Njenga recently called out trolls asking her to get in shape.

It’s been two months since the beauty gave birth to her daughter Astra, but people are still on her case.

We would love to act shocked (like OMG!, people troll women for their looks? after giving birth?) But, hello! It’s not a foreign thing.

The thick skin mum took it on her socials as she wrote;

“Ever since I came back to my social media accounts, I've come across all comments 'your boobs have sagged' 'they are bigger' 'umenona' 'work on your body' and other nasty things.


But one thing I've promised myself is I won't feel pressured to bounce back, I made a whole human being in my body, and I'm breastfeeding her I’ll take my time to get there because I am beautiful regardless of the stretch marks I got."

Before adding, " I’ll embrace them because they are marks of love,"


“To any Mom going through the same, you are beautiful, and you'll get through this,” Georgina finished off.

Various people took their time to affirm her as they wrote down;

Mungai Eve: You’re beautiful hunny never accept someone to convince you otherwise. Social media people will always talk regardless! Mtu akikonda ni shida akinona pia ni shida.

Tyler Mbaya: Ever Stunning Mama

Kyzz Yule Mhumble: Wanataka uslim ndio wasema huna maziwa ya kupea baby just do you kula kabisa

Nadia Mukami on Kiss FM
Nadia mukami Nadia Mukami on Kiss FM
Image: kiss 100

Kenyan artist, Nadia Mukami, not so long ago, was in a similar boat as netizens spewed venom in a post she had made during her comeback concert.

Mama Kai (Nadia) took it on her social media platform to spell out how difficult it is to be a female artist, and more so, after having given birth.

Corazon kwamboka
Corazon Corazon kwamboka
Image: Instagram

Gym enthusiast and content creator Corazon Kwamboka, has also faced it rough at the hands of troll masters with her body always under scrutiny.

In 2020 after giving birth, Mama Kai posted a picture with her baby daddy Frankie JustGymIt during an event, and a woman attacked her for her pot belly.

The mother of two recently shared that she has learned to embrace her body and love herself with a little tummy, textured skin, and all.

Not one to spare her critics, she responded by slamming her for shaming a fellow woman who had just given birth.

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