'I'd rather come-we-stay' Kamene reveals

Kamene said a big wedding is a waste of money and she'd rather come-we-stay but have it officiated by the Attorney General

Kamene Goro
Kiss FM Presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kamene and Obinna just revealed they are not big on grand wedding ceremonies.

Speaking during their morning show, the duo agreed that they would rather spend the money on something else other than feeding the whole village and being left with debts because of one day.

" I'd rather come-we-stay. However, if we do come we stay we have to go to the Attorney General and make it legal," Kamene said.


She went on to add that she understands weddings ( especially grand ones) are a big deal and most people dream of one.

" But weddings are a very big deal to a lot of people because of that narrative that if we do not have a wedding then we are really not married. So you are not really cuffed yet." Kamene said.


Obinna quipped in saying that had no plans of getting married.


" Who said I want to get married?  Some people like to take loans Kamene," Obinna said.

Kamene however told him that there are men who are actually big on weddings.


" Aaii but men also like weddings. Personally I know a couple of men who are big on the wedding, " Kamene said.

But Obinna was not having it. He went on to argue that the only men who would be big on weddings are those that either have a point to prove, want to brag to their colleagues or fit in.

" Which men? No way! A real man, like a normal man thinking/ dreaming about wedding? For who, for where?" Obinna said.

Adding that weddings are time and money wastage.

Kamene agreed with him ( for once) adding that she would rather they spend 10 million on honeymoon or house payment rather than a grand wedding.

She then went on to ask their listeners to let them know what they thoughts are on weddings and if they would opt for a come-we-stay or a big wedding.

Below are a few comments:

BoppersKE: I choose come we stay, at least it lasts longer compared to weddings and no much expenses needed.

Roland Oloo: Make your woman feel special, wed her at high noon in front of all. Declare your union in a ceremony your family and hers can attend. Every woman dreams of a memorable wedding.

Lucian Talu: Come-we stay

Shaka Zulu: Weddings are a loss. People come to steal spoons and plates just to eat without even gifting.

Charles Ndegwa: come-we-stay. But according to me the aspects of marriage and the rules governing a marriage depends on how an individual was raised.

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