Kanye West attacks Adidas General Manager Daniel Cherry

Kanye West in a series of Instagram rants accused the general manager of ripping off his Yeezy ideas

in fight with Adidas executive
Kanye West in fight with Adidas executive
Image: CNN

American multi-award-winning rapper, fashion icon, and entrepreneur Kanye West seem to be in a bid to take down clothing companies he has partnered with in what he terms as their lack of vision.

Kanye seems to be on one of his social media rants frenzy and well we all know when Ye gets furious he lets the whole world in on all matters, private or not.

Barely a week after his rants about clothing giant Gap and him releasing videos chewing its executive's heads off, Ye is now re-focusing his outrage at a specific Adidas executive who is currently plastered all over Ye's Instagram page.

At this point, someone should just give this guy his own reality show. Honestly, that would be super cool because Ye is so unfiltered and dishes out tea freely.

Ye went on the offensive on Saturday evening attacking Daniel Cherry with a bunch of posts on his Instagram account. 

Daniel Cherry is Adidas' Senior Vice President/General Manager and Kanye is dragging him through the mud over what he sees as hijacking his Yeezy brand.

In one of his newest messages where he references "VCs" or venture capitalists, Kanye writes, "VENTURE CAPITALIST WHO'S ONLY ADVENTURE IS CAPITALISM. CANT CREATE SO THEY TRY TO OUTCOUNT THE CREATIVES."

Many speculated the text was directed at Daniel following the fact that a few days ago Ye had 'killed' him in a faux gazette release.

The father of four then went on to add, "DIE SLOW." 

I get he is furious but yikes that's a little too much in my opinion.

The 'Heartless' hit-maker also hinted that Daniel had allegedly told fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert that back in the day he had "taken it to the hands" with Ye, right on Kanye's face which seems to have gotten Ye even more fired up.

He finished off his series of rants by posting a photo that read, "I GUARANTEE YOU'LL HAVE TO RELOCATE BEFORE I'M LEGALLY FINISHED WITH YOU." Captioning it, it's wartime.

Kanye has photoshopped tons of pics of Chery in different scenarios with mocking captions alluding to the notion Cherry was hired to manage Yeezy without Kanye's knowledge and is supposedly running it into the ground -- at least from KW's POV.

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