Pastor Ng'ang'a and Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto's show 'Loyalty Test' has come under heavy criticism from Pastor James Ng'ang'a.

Pastor Ng'ang'a addresses chief sanitizer Thee Pluto in viral video

Ng'ang'a in a video weighed in on the reality TV show where Thee Pluto gets couples to test their loyalty in their relationship.

The YouTuber mostly focuses on young couples as he gets them to open up about their relationship, encouraging them to get candid about honesty in their dating or marital life.

Of key concern is secret messages on their phones and WhatsApp chats, which expose who is cheating.

Many a time, couples have fought over revelations that there is cheating involved in their relationship.

Speaking in a viral video, Ng'ang'a said he has taken time to watch several segments of the show and is not happy with what he saw.

The City Preacher was addressing his followers in his popular Nairobi church. He said he searched Thee Pluto on YouTube.

"Pluto, sasa hiyo Pluto akaniambia ebu fungua Pluto, sasa si nikanda kwa YouTube, nikaandika Pluto"

Adding; "Nikafungua kumbe ni ule kijana eh sikui wana cheat huyu anakuja na simu yake na huyu kijana na simu yake. sasa sikjui zinafanyiwa sanitizing"

Nganga appeared confused over the word 'sanitizing' in relation to the loyalty test.

"Sasa sanitizer inatoa huyu, sasa ile mambo watoto hawa wanaongea hapo na ujue baba yake ako na whatsapp na Facebook"

The congregation looks on as the preacher lambasts such acts online.

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