Cardi B reveals she has no regrets after hauling mic at concert goer

Rapper Cardi B defended her actions by stating that she threw the microphone on impulse.

Cardi B.
Image: Instagram

Multi-award-winning artist and former reality TV show star Cardi B has made it clear that she has no regrets over the mic-throwing incident that occurred in August.

Cardi while on an interview with The Breakfast Club, defended her actions by stating that she threw the microphone on impulse. The artist went on to reveal that at first, she didn't want to talk about the incident because she feared she'd be going to jail over the battery charges levied against her.

"It was like a quick reaction. Let me tell y'all something, I did not want to address it because I thought a b***ch was going to jail, but I'm not," the mother of two said in her usual humorous way.

Officially giving her account of how things went down, the 'Please Me' crooner confirmed she had heard different versions of the story and wanted to clear the air as most of the accounts were lies.

The rapper maintained that it was true she had asked the audience to splash water on her because of the scorching heat but she had also given them one condition... to avoid her face because of her makeup.

"People were making their own sh*t up, it was hot so there was a part of the show where I was telling people to splash me but even when I told them 'splash me' I was like 'be careful with the face, the face is beat," started off Cardi.


Her beef with the concert goer was that after everyone was done with the whole water commercial break and Cardi had even forgotten she'd made the request that is when they decided to shower her and to top it off completely ignored the one rule Cardi had given her fans.

"Four songs after that, nobody had splashed me. I told y'all to splash me for one little second and four songs after this b**tch threw water and ice on my face and I automatically reacted.

I didn't even know that I was throwing it at her I just threw it because it's like she hit me right in my face,"the 'Bodak Yellow' hit maker said recounting what had transpired at the concert.

Cardi B stressed that she felt very violated after the concertgoer splashed the cold water on her face, adding that she felt like the lady maliciously intended to pour it on her face.

A video, which went viral on social media on the first week of August showed the performer being stunned when someone in the audience threw a drink from a cup at her as she was performing.

Cardi B responds by hurling her microphone back at the person while appearing to be angry at them. It reportedly hit two people instead of one. As a result of this, one of the women pressed charges against her and the celebrity became a main suspect for battery, luckily the charges were dropped.

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