Murugi Munyi and her sister Jesus Girl

Kenyan businesswoman and content creator has advice for people battling alcohol addiction.

Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the mother of three revealed that her sister famously known as Jesus Girl is currently in rehab.

Dora Obwaka alias Jesus Girl has battled alcoholism for almost 10 years. Sharing the experience she narrated;

"My dad growing up was an alcoholic, he was financially available but he was never there physically or emotionally. My sister is currently battling addiction. It has been 10 years of ups and downs with her.

That is why I relate with Rono, I see my sister in her. I send her encouragement messages when I see her going through something."


"You can't understand addiction until someone close to you is affected. Addiction is a disease. My sister is currently in rehab which is a good thing. At least we know where she is and she is well taken care of."

Munyi says addiction can be draining given extended family members have to take care of the person battling addiction.

"There are times my sister can stay for up to a year without drinking. As her family, we can only be there for them. I tell her it's not too late to change, sometimes she compares herself to her mates who are already married and working.

People struggling with addiction need love more than empathy. Rehab is not cheap. You might pay 60K or more for someone and once they live."

Her advice to anyone battling addiction?

"Society might make you feel like a burden, it can be frustrating. Hold on to people who understand that you are on the addiction journey. There is value in trying. Keep trying and do the best you can, Live a day at a time."