Jimal proposes ex-wives for Real Housewives of Nairobi

The bigwig has decided to throw barbs at his two exes

his wife Amira
Left Jimal's ex Amber Ray, Jimal and on the right his wife Amira
Image: Instagram

Matatu boss Jimal Roho Safi loves living dangerously, a trait evidenced when he married second Amber Ray despite the protestations of his first wife, Amira.

Jamal is back at it again, this time he is stirring the hornet's nest by proposing that his two ex-wives and rumoured girlfriend, Wangari should star in the mooted The Real Housewives Of Nairobi.

He delivered this statement on his Instagram page where he wrote;


"My thinking they should consider between this three women, that's between, Amira, Wangari Thiong'o and Amber Ray. Either of them. They can raise our flag high in Kenya. My thoughts. Mimi ni Roho Safi."

NBC is planning to expand the popular series to the African shores new shows in Nairobi and Pretoria.

It will be a partnership with African entertainment company, Multichoice for several more African versions of The Real Housewives shows according to Variety.


Independent production company Provoco is filming the 14-part series in Pretoria, while shooting in Nairobi will begin in September.


Those of you who know Jimal's past will be keenly aware of the bad blood that abounded between Jimal's two ex-wives.

It got so bad that his family started being called the 'Real Housewives of Syokimau' for their weekly fights.

Sharing her man with another woman took a toll on Amira, not forgetting the unrepentant nature of Amber as she cavorted with Jimal, something that ultimately broke her.

For her sanity and peace of mind, the mother of Jimal's two boys decided to ask for a divorce late last year.

You would think that because Amber had the businessman all to herself, things would go swimmingly. 

But they didn't! In fact, a short while later, the socialite revealed that she had also split up with the matatu boss.

Jimal's tale could well and truly be summarized in the Kiswahili saying, "Mtaka yote hukosa yote!"

Will this latest taunt by Mr. Rohasafi' spoil his bid to win back Amira? I know where my money is...