Interesting facts about Bomet's women rep, Linet 'Toto' Chepkorir

Linet Chipkorir is the youngest Kenyan women representative at just 24 years old

Bomet Women Representative
Linet Toto Bomet Women Representative
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Imagine completing campus, then landing a lucrative high paying job months later. Pretty cool right? Well, 24-year-old Linet Chepkorir is living this dream.

Born to Mr. Richard Langat ( a peasant farmer) and Mrs. Betty Langat ( an Early Childhood Education and Development Education ECD teacher at Raiya Primary School) at Chemamul village, Merigi ward Linet scaled the heights to make history.

Linet, the firstborn in a family of four girls who still lives with her parents at Chemamul village in Merigi was nicknamed ‘Toto’ when she was an infant.

But according to her mom, a Maasai neighbor who lived near them found Linet's name quite challenging and kept forgetting it.

So she decided to call her Toto and the name stuck till now.

The newly elected Bomet Women representative has a degree in procurement from Tharaka University and she revealed that she has always aspired to be a leader.

She was a monitor in primary school from class one to seven and later became the school head girl in class eight at Kapsimbiri Primary School where she schooled for her primary school education.

While in high school, at Siwot Secondary School Toto was a class prefect from form one to three and later the school captain.

After joining Tharaka University, she served as a treasurer of the C.U and also served as a captain for the lady’s hostel.

She also had a leadership position in their church back home.

After campus, Linet did menial jobs like selling mitumba (second-hand clothes) clothes and house chores as a maid. She also used to work at a fast food restaurant.

Linet garnered 242,775 votes to beat eight other candidates. Her closest rival was Dr. Alice Milgo of Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM), who got 43,180 votes, followed by Ms. Beatrice Chepkemoi Chebomui with 4,639 votes.

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