9 fascinating facts about Jalang'o's wife, Amina Chao

Amina loves keeping herself away from the limelight

The couple have a lovely and supportive relationship
Amina Chao with Jalang'o The couple have a lovely and supportive relationship
Image: Instagram

Felix Oduwour alias Jalang'o is the new Lang'ata MP, something that would have been much harder to do were it not for the support of his lovely wife, Amina Chao.

The couple got married on October 26, 2019, in a private traditional ceremony in Syokimau.

Amina who shuns the spotlight has been a major force in the life of the former Kiss100 presenter.


Apart from being Jalang'o's wife and the mother of two of his kids, who is Amina? Let's begin with what we do know about her.

1. Amina Chao was born in the coast to Taita parents and is a Muslim

Her date of birth and age is not exactly known but she might be in her early to mid-thirties. 


We do know that she celebrates her birthday on October 4th.

The couple keep a low profile
Jalang'o with Amina Chao The couple keep a low profile
Image: Instagram

2. She attended the United States University of Africa (USIU)

She pursued a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and affairs and graduated with honours from the university.

Her educational background was revealed by Jalang'o himself when he explained how he had met her.

"We met at her sister's place. Her sister was my friend then from that kaboom! here we are," Jalang'o said.

"At the time we met, she was still a student at USIU," he told Kamene Goro in the past.

3. She is no push-over and made Jalang'o work hard to earn her love, something that nearly broke him.

He used to pick her up at the office, drop her off at school, and then wait for her until she finished her classes.

"When she rejected me I continued stalking just to ascertain that she really did not want me. She wanted to prove if I really loved her. Her rejection was not actually to turn me down but to actually prove the effort I can put in pursuing her," he said.

Amina made the comedian jump through many hoops before he landed her
Amina Chao with Jalang'o Amina made the comedian jump through many hoops before he landed her
Image: Instagram

Despite having her own car,  she insisted on him picking her up, "I would drop her, wait for her, and beg her until I nearly gave up."

"I'd sit in the basketball court parking lot and beg her," Jalang'o recounts something that made him doubt himself, "Rejection is the lowest heat a man can experience."

4. The couple dated for 4 years before they got married. The comedian had an interesting push gift each time she gave birth

The push gift? A car...

5. She works in the General Trade Visibility and Events department at Safaricom.

6. Amina gets along with Jalang'o's first baby mama, Cheptoek Boyo

The two have a great relationship and each has nothing bad to say about the other.

7. She has a very limited social media presence with a few photos sprinkled online

This is despite her hubby having one of the biggest followings on social media with over 2.7 million fans on Instagram.

8. Amina wasn't ready for her hubby to join politics

During an interview with Kiss100, Jalang'o revealed that his wife wasn't thrilled about him joining active politics.

"It is not just something I jumped on, it is something that started being planned 6 years ago. She (wife) is still not ready for all this, we have late nights, and people have started coming to our house.

She has accepted this is the direction I want to take and she has decided to support me."

The couple had a surprise traditional wedding that was attended by the Lang'ata MP's celebrity friends
Jalang'o with Amina Chao The couple had a surprise traditional wedding that was attended by the Lang'ata MP's celebrity friends
Image: Instagram

9. Amina is an entrepreneur with a passion for food

She started a hotel with Jalang'o a few months ago something the comedian opened up about with Mungai Eve.

"It's something she has wanted to do for a long time. We decided to open up the place to cushion us because I am joining politics.

It's 100% my wife's project alongside her friends, I did contribute but I have been mostly her cheerleader."

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