Linet Toto is amazing! Kamene and Obinna gush

The Bomet Women's Rep has made history by becoming the youngest female legislator in Kenya

in the studio
Kamene Goro with Obinna in the studio
Image: Instagram

Kamene and Obinna waxed lyrical today about one of Kenya's youngest legislators; 24-year-old Linet Chepkorir ‘Toto’, who won the Bomet Woman's Rep seat in the just concluded general election.

Kamene wondered aloud whether she was playing around with her life considering what Toto had been able to accomplish at such a young age.

"She has been a leader all her life. From Primary to High School to college. So even when she told her dad, he was like 'Let's do it.' Her mom was like, 'You're too young, you don't have the money'..." Obinna interjected.

in a file photo
Linet Toto in a file photo
Image: Facebook

Kamene then went back on message awed by the fact that Toto had achieved what she had achieved at such a young age.

"Yaani at 24 she was able to convince people to vote for her without twerking, billboards. She will be there seated with other female legislators in parliament. Just like that," she said.

"A few people changad for her and then hapa kule she is inside. She will be seating with Jalang'o in parliament. The pressure! Wueh!" Obinna enthused.


His co-star then reminisced on what she was doing at that tender age.

"This chick has us thinking that she had this vision at 24. You where are you at 24? At 24, I had just gotten married and I was loading clothes into a washing machine."

Obinna then put Kamene on the spot for being 'hungry' at such a young age, if you get his drift. What were you doing getting married at such a young age?!

"Been there done that I am not going back,"  she quickly retorted.


Check out the comments below;

K.i.m.a.s.h.a🔥🧢 Goodmorng kiss .me at 24 i was busy tao kusumbuana na makanjo i was selling mitumba CBD. I Thank God for few steps i have made

NANCY ANYANGO. Oooh NO! Every determine and self driven lady like me is outside here trying the best of our luck.The bitter truth is everyone has got her own path to follow in this cruel life.#Stopmockingyoungladies.#stopdemoralising.

oleledax Hahaha eti do re mi......Star ya Kila msee itashine in God's planned time.


benja God's time always the best 😂😂😂

‘Toto’ made history by becoming the youngest Woman Representative-elect after the August 9 General Election.

Toto an April 2021 graduate of Chuka University, beat eight older candidates to become the third Woman Representative in Bomet County.

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