Kamene and Obinna react to Igathe's loss

Nairobians failed to vote for Polycarp Igathe as the next Nairobi governor

Kamene and Obinna in studio
kAMENE AND OBINNA Kamene and Obinna in studio

Kiss FM presenters Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna have reacted after Nairobians failed to vote for Polycarp Igathe as the next Nairobi governor.

"I saw the way Igathe congratulated Sakaja. It's like you expected it," said Obinna

Kamene said it was the dimples but Obinna debated saying that Sakaja was voted on merit.

The two presenters joked about the things Igathe did to win people's hearts.

"Makanga, akaenda kwa hoteli akapika chapati. Akakuka msee wa mayai, akaingia kwa bar akawauzia, maslay queens wako tu yes Iganthee. Kama hawakutaki hawakutaki." (He became a tout, a waiter, a chef for chapati, an egg seller, a bartender and the slay queens were shouting his name. If people don't like you, they don't like you for real)

Over the weekend, Igathe conceded defeat.



"I accept the decision of the people of Nairobi and thank all our supporters. The Governor of Nairobi is His Excellency Johnson Sakaja. Congratulations,' Igathe wrote

Nairobi governor-elect Johnson Sakaja also took to social media to commend Igathe;

"Thank you, Sir. You were a worthy opponent and a true embodiment of Siasa Safi. Let’s have coffee soon," he tweeted

Senator Sakaja won the Nairobi Governor seat after garnering 699,392 votes. 

He was vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket.

Igathe was also contesting on a Jubilee ticket and took second place after he garnered 573,518 votes.

Sakaja will now succeed Ann Kananu to become Nairobi's fourth governor.

Here is a list of how the two competed in the 17 constituencies in Nairobi county;

  • Dagoretti South 

Sakaja Johnson ~44,789

Polycarp Igathe ~ 20,124

  • Kasarani 

Sakaja Johnson~ 60,578

Igathe Polycarp ~27,862

  • Embakasi 

Sakaja Johnson ~ 41,064

Igathe Polycarp ~40,944

  • Embakasi 

Sakaja Johnson~38,432

Igathe Polycarp~27,907

  • Embakasi 

Sakaja Johnson ~46,049

Igathe Polycarp ~33,260

  • Makadara 

Sakaja Johnson~37,097

Igathe Polycarp~33,021

  • Kibra

 Sakaja Johnson~30,451

Igathe Polycarp~40,492

  • Ruaraka 

Sakaja Johnson~ 23,229

Igathe Polycarp ~46,236

  • Roysambu

Sakaja Johnson~63,175

Igathe Polycarp~24,981

  • Mathare 

Sakaja Johnson ~ 31,564

Igathe Polycarp ~30,230

  • Embakasi South

Sakaja Johnson ~ 39,994

Igathe Polycarp ~ 3,7647

  • Kamukunji

Sakaja Johnson ~ 32,239

Igathe Polycarp ~ 23,836

  • Embakasi West 

Sakaja Johnson ~ 43,220

Igathe Polycarp ~ 36,026

  • Langata

Sakaja Johnson ~ 38,064

Igathe Polycarp ~ 37,336


Sakaja Johnson ~ 49,405

Igathe Polycarp ~ 35,223

  • Dagoretti North

Sakaja Johnson ~ 39756

Igathe Polycarp ~ 39027

  • Westlands

Sakaja Johnson ~ 40,024

Igathe Polycarp ~ 38,635ki