Bahati claims his opponent sent goons to harass him

Bahati posted a video on Instagram claiming that he no longer feels safe but insisted he wouldn't quit the race

at a past event
Gospel musician Bahati at a past event
Image: Moses Mwangi

 Kenyan gospel artist Bahati Kioko popularly known by his stage name, Bahati just posted a video on his Instagram page claiming that he no longer feels safe due to his opponent playing dirty politics. 

" So guys I'm so sleepy, it is around 1 am and I have just gotten home," the gospel singer starts off in the video that he had captioned, " I thought I should share this... I don't feel safe anymore. But I will fight for the people of Mathare till the end."

He then goes ahead to narrate how he has hard one of the hardest day on his campaign trail and just starting political career.


" I have gone through a lot over the days... it started with a lot of fights from my opponent him wanting me to be denied the ticket, lying I have stepped down and trying to blackmail me with a different job but I had to turn it all down because I am fighting for the people of Mathere."  Bahati said in a husky voice before dropping some strong accusations.

The young political aspirant went on to claim that his opponent had actually been sending him threats but today he went to the extent of sending goons to harass him.

" I tried my best because I am part of Azimio, I have to be brave and do what it takes...but because my opponent saw that I made it to the Azimio rally today he sent me some goons and this is how they left me," Bahati said as he went on to take off his jacket and show his slightly tattered shirt.


" This is how they've left my clothes, my Jubilee polo shirt. He sent some people to mishandle me, to try and stop me, can you all see? This is the way he has decided to do his politics," the father of two said as he turned around to show off the damage in his shirt. 

Interestingly enough minus a slightly torn collar, and two very suspicious holes one in the side and one at the back of his polo shirt the artist did not look hurt or roughed up at all.

He finished off by saying that he forgives his opponent and was still not stepping down from the race despite of the threats and level of intimidation his opponent throws at him. 

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