Thee Pluto's girlfriend responds to Kenya's asking for her logbook

Thee Pluto gifted his girlfriend a CX5 as a push gift ahead of the birth of their first child

Pluto gifted Felicity a Mazda CX 5 as a push gift
Thee Pluto with Felicity Shiru Pluto gifted Felicity a Mazda CX 5 as a push gift
Image: Instagram

During an interview with content creator Mungai Eve, Thee Pluto's girlfriend Felicity Shiru has come out to shut down netizens who doubt that her boyfriend legitimately gifted her a car during her baby shower.

" People overthink too much, I don't even get them or know what to say sometimes.

So I should have started to tell him there as babe give me the logbook so that I can know the car is mine?" Felicity asked all the doubting Thomas who wanted to rain on her parade.

She added that people need to appreciate gifts when they receive them and not dwell on the nitty-gritty.

Like I hear her but for something like a car, I mean you need all the details.

What if it truly isn't in your name? Or it is in your name but was taken with a loan? Do you feel me?

" Plus it is usually a process, changing the documents and stuff. Plus we are in the same house, it is just common sense." Felicity said as a matter-of-fact way.

Speaking on if she knew she was about to get a new ride she said she kinda had an idea but didn't know it'd be this soon.

" He did give me some hints as he was like babe should I buy you this car? Then I'm like yes and we move on, I didn't know he was serious." Felicity revealed.

She also added that she has always loved the CX5 more than the TX and as a driver, she felt it would be a better fit for her.

Two days ago, content creator The Pluto and his girlfriend Felicity Shiru in a white-themed party revealed that they are expecting a baby girl during their gender reveal party that was hosted at their home.

Felicity however revealed that she'd wanted a boy from the very beginning and had been having a feeling that she was carrying a boy.

The event unlike most baby showers was not a surprise as according to Pluto he didn't want to limit Felicity's friends.

" I didn't want to have the baby shower as a surprise and leave Felicity's friends whom she would have wanted present. 

The only surprise I had for her was the baby's gender that she had no idea of and the car," Pluto said.

The content creator handed the keys to the Mazda CX5 to his lover saying it was her push present ahead of the birth of their baby.

 "I want to gift her the Mazda CX-5 and here are the keys," Pluto said as their guests excitedly cheered on the couple as the heavily pregnant Felicity stood up and lovingly hugged her baby daddy in a video shared by fellow YouTuber Eve Mungai.

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