Netizens angered over Disney's black Tinker Bell

Disney dropped the trailer for the new live-action film of Peter Pan and Wendy

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Disney has gone ahead and upset people all over again following their new trailer for the live-action film of the childhood fantasy film Peter Pan & Wendy.

Remember the hate, anger, and backlash that the powerhouse faced when they cast Chloe Bailey to play Ariel in The Little Mermaid? Well now multiply that by 5.

Why do you ask? Disney had the bright idea to cast Yara Shahidi (a black actress with black hair) to play Tinker Bell in Neverland's iconic film.


Following the move, netizens think Disney's choice to make Tinker Bell black in the upcoming "Peter Pan & Wendy" flick instead of making a new character for a person of colour is a terrible move.

And I honestly agree with them, some things are just classics and shouldn't be touched. If they wanted to truly represent people of colour they should have added black fairies.

Or better yet give Tinker Bell a black best friend. A better idea is to write an original movie specifically for a person of colour.


In case you are not up to speed, Disney dropped the trailer for the live-action film Tuesday, with fans getting a first look at Yara Shahidi as everyone's favorite pixie but a bunch of people are complaining about the switch-up, saying it feels like the company's more interested in image than inclusivity and representation.

And I have to agree with them, it feels as if they are just doing it because having black people in movies is the in thing now.

Following the trailer, Twitter went into a frenzy over Yara's role. One disgruntled user wrote, "Disney loves to race swap these days instead of creating original and new characters that are people of colour."


Another echoed that, saying Disney's more focused on race-swapping original characters as opposed to putting in the time to make a new product with a more diverse cast.


Others say Tinker Bell has always been known as a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and diverting from the original material isn't right.

As for who would make a great fit for Tink, Twitter's got that answer too a bunch of folks are saying longtime Disney Channel alum Dove Cameron would've filled the role perfectly

The movie drops in late April and it appears Disney's now gotta brace for impact when it comes out.

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