Travis Scott accused of punching a man and causing damage of almost $12k

The rapper also slapped the phone out of his fan's hand

Travis Scott
Image: Instagram

Travis Scott has been named as a suspect following an alleged assault that took place at a New York City nightclub early Wednesday. 

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, videos show the pair( Travis and Don Tolimore) performing to a packed crowd at the Times Square hotspot. They'd played another show earlier in the night at Irving Plaza. 

A verbal dispute at that location ended in $12,000 worth of damage to equipment. At this time, no warrant was issued, and the suspect is not being sought.

His lawyers spoke immediately after the accusations "While this is clearly a misunderstanding being blown out of proportion by clickbait and misinformation, we are actively working with the venue and law enforcement to resolve and set the record straight." 

 They also added that "We are confident our client will be cleared of any wrongdoing."

But witnesses filmed Scott - who is known for his hot temper - snapping at a DJ for turning down the sound earlier in the night. 

He was seen yelling 'back the f*** up!' in the footage obtained. 

Scott had turned the music up too high which caused distortion. The DJ was trying to fix it when he snapped at him, according to the witnesses. 

Once he realized he was being filmed, he also slapped the phone out of a fan's hand. 

Here are just some reactions from netizens after the whole drama the rapper caused;

@mikemike95south- He is innocent. I think. I hope. Hell, I don’t know!

@tisthees7- Travis STAYS involved in the mess‼️ I just don’t get it.

@jahswaveofficial- He Clearly Ain’t learn from That Astroworld Massacre 😳🤦🏽‍♂️

@prettiemellie- If they didn’t cancel him for all those people that were killed while he still performed then they won’t care about this

@toi-babs- He got to go sit down!!! Travis the city of Houston is still healing from Astro World 2021

@exclusivelyy.myaa- Man need to keep his name out the media 🙄 always in something.

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