Bahati unleashes pics in lipstick & red dress following online backlash

The artist has been receiving online backlash for cross dressing in a skit involving his fiancé

Kenyan artist Bahati rocking a red dress, accessories and high heels
Image: Instagram

Kenyan reality TV star and aspiring politician Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati has responded to the backlash he's been receiving following his latest skit alongside his fiancé Diana Marua.

If you've been too engrossed with maandamano that you missed it, Bahati starred in a video where he was seen rocking a body-hugging red dress, a black wig, high heels, and red lipstick as he carried his girlfriend's handbag.

He completed the look by accessorizing it with a diamond necklace and matching earrings.

The video was meant to be a fun depiction of how men feel when their ladies ask them to hold/carry their handbags for them but Kenyans were not feeling it.

Shortly after the video was posted Bahati received a lot of backlash with netizens calling him out for cross-dressing. And now, he's responded.

Taking to his Instagram page the EMB Records CEO shared a few photos of him rocking the red dress that had people mad pressed as he went on to diss his critics highlighting his masculinity was still intact and that he was okay with playing dress up.


Captioning the video, the musician made it clear that the people hating on him were only jealous as he looked way better than their spouses. 


"😂😂😂 Unaongea mbaya na nime ivaa kuliko Dem Yako 😂😂😂😂

(You are out here bashing me, yet I am prettier than your girlfriend,") his caption read.

Fans however were unimpressed with the antics. Flocking the comment section netizens shared their two cents with the former gospel artist highlighting that he was taking it a tad bit too far with the content creation shenanigans.


Below are a few comments:

soulhealingwithtuti28: You're overdoing this shit. Rest🤮

sherylshyla: Ati huyu Angekua mhesh 🤣🤣

popesmoke8990: Aiiii hatukusema ati ukikosa likes unava nguo za wamama 😂😂😂😂

shaabadan: Unafikiria ni content kumbe umechizi💔acha umama

kagawa_254: Kwani @bahatikenya ulingia chama ya embarambamba😂😂

just_mkenya: Ushaolewa bruh,😂😂kweli hufai kuoa someone older atakukalia🙌😂 ona SS...lil nax mwnyw😂

_its_clinton_: we have lost another man

davi_254: Wacha nichill KIFEE sasa

Below are a few more pics from Bahati's gallery;

Kenyan artist Bahati rocking a red dress, and makeup
Image: Instagram
Kenyan artist Bahati rocking his red dress
Image: Instagram

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