Offset cries almost daily following Takeoff's death

The late rapper was was gunned down 8 months ago at Billiard and Bowling in Houston

Cardi B and Offset at Takeoff's Memorial Service
Image: BBC

American artist Offset, formerly of the rap group Migos, is opening up about how he's been dealing with the loss of his friend and music partner Takeoff who was fatally shot 8 months ago.

The father of 5 detailed how tough things have been revealing that he cries almost daily out of grief for his late friend.

"I'm not healed, I'm being honest, you know what I mean? I lost my brother. I'm not healed, I'm not good. ...


We stars, so people be like, thinking it's just cool, but I'm a real grown man, I cry every day about this shit, bro. At some point, it fucks me up every day," the multi-award-winning artist revealed.


He went on to add that he was making public appearances because that is just what is expected of him but deep down things weren't as rosy as they appeared.

Offset went on to highlight how people bring up things from his past puts a strain on their marriage and his mental health as well because in as much as they pretend it doesn't what is said online matters,


"I'm still a human being. Like I'm dealing through shit personally, and people's opinions matter nowadays.


What's on Twitter matters, what's being said. And it's like, I play cool, I smile for the cameras, I do fashion week and do all this shit, but behind the scenes, I need my woman to be there for me for what I'm going through.

And then you making it harder for me by bringing up bullshit, or my old past, when I'm really going through some other shit. It's just too much," the American rapper said as they wrapped up the show.

Offset recently got a mural of Takeoff tattooed on his back as a way of honouring the late rapper.

Takeoff was gunned down at Billiard and Bowling in Houston where he and fellow Migos member, Quavo, were partying with about 30 other people.

Surveillance video shows some of the attendees getting into an altercation, which quickly escalated into violence. Shortly after, Patrick allegedly pulled a gun and took several shots.

Following the attack, Takeoff was fatally struck in the head and torso dying on the spot. Two other people were also shot, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

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