I hate attention! Chebet Ronoh says as she asks netizens to be kind to her

This comes shortly after Ronoh went on live asking people to be kinder to her as their mean comments were hurting her.

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh
Image: Instagram

Netizens are speculating digital content creator Chebet Ronoh might slowly be falling back into depression following her latest online antics.

This comes shortly after Ronoh went on live asking people to be kinder to her as their mean comments were hurting her.

She also made it known that she hates attention and all the attention that was being directed towards her following her calling out Kate Actress and threatening to leak private conversations between her and creative director, producer, and actor Abel Mutua was greatly annoying her.

"Hey sweery, hey guys, how are you? Love you people, love you guys," started off the digital content creator.

The 23-year-old went on to disclose that even though she is in the limelight and a content creator she despises attention, Ronoh went on to disclose that the current attention she was facing due to her recent X rants was starting to get into her and it really made her upset.

"I hate attention...I really really hate attention. I love you guys!! F*cking hell, I love you b*tches but I really do not like attention it is pissing me off," said Ronoh seconds before a friend called out her name seemingly signaling for her to keep quiet.

Chebet Ronoh
Image: courtesy

Ronoh's video cuts off and she is next seen at a different setting in the house.

This time round she went ahead to plead with netizens to be kinder to her. The content creator lamented that she felt incredibly terrible when people were mean to her.

She asked netizens to ease on the trolling as she could not take it.

"Okay you guys, can you stop being mean to me? When you guys are mean to me I feel bad. Guys I feel so bad when you guys are mean to me," Ronoh said candidly.

Following this, netizens have voiced their concerns online noting that Ronoh's current pattern was showing signs of her falling into depression yet again.

Chebet Ronoh
Image: Instagram

As if you recall earlier this year she had launched several attacks on fellow creatives Elsa Majimbo, Kate Actress and Nikita Kering. Shortly afterwards she apologized for her behaviour and started seeing a therapist for counsel.

Just 2 days ago, Ronoh in a new wave picked a fight with Kate Actress accusing her of profiting from her content. Ronoh as Kate to stop replicating her 'Auntie Debbie' series.

This is what has got fans worried that maybe she is falling off the wagon once again.

However, some did not agree with these sentiments and voiced they felt she was fishing for attention and relevance.

Below are a few comments from Instagram users;

Sensei mufasa: This mama is slow falling in to depression again 😢😢

Chichi9610: It's okay to take time off social media😮😮

Angela__6: I hate attention and being on a live should not be in the same sentence 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Solita_soly: Love and light to her

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