MCA Tricky claims Akothee won't mind him impregnating Rue Baby

MCA Tricky in an interview said that he would impregnate Rue soon so that people can stop asking if their relationship is on or off

Comedian MCA Tricky posing with Akothee's daughter, Rue Baby
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Not comedian MCA Tricky claiming he is planning to impregnate Akothee's daughter, Rue Baby so that people can finally stop asking if the two are a thing.

Wueh! Audacity is at an all time high in this country, leaves me wondering if it's on sale or there is a buy one get one free offer going on.

And he did not just leave things at that, the 29-year-old man went on to add that Rue Baby is a big girl now who has after all finished school and in that regard he feels her mom, musician cum entrepreneur Akothee would not have an issue with him impregnating her daughter.


Now he speaks for Madam Boss as well? Okay. 


Speaking on SpmBuzz, Tricky voiced that he was tired of being asked whether the two are seeing each other, and would get a child with her to calm them down.

"Rue Baby ... one of these fine days I will just go ahead and impregnate her so that you all can stop asking me all these questions regarding this story 9 if they are dating).


Rue Baby nitamtia mimba btw the next thing we are announcing is her pregnancy " Tricky said in the interview.


 The comedian also went ahead to reveal that he had no issues and was indeed open to polygamy because well he doesn't think human beings should be limited to 'enjoying life as long as we are not hurting people'

"Mimi I have no problem if you can manage more than two, have them, enjoy life!" He joyfully said.

Interestingly back in 2020 when Rue had an interview with Nana Owiti she made it clear that she was not dating nor had she ever dated Tricky.

Tricky who is a well known Churchill comedian cum radio host had for long been rumored to be dating Akothee's second born daughter.

Rue however set the record straight saying, "Tricky and I are just good friends. We just do skits together."  Before adding, " plus there has never been a place where he called me his girlfriend so It's never been official."

Asked on whether she is currently dating Rue responded

''I can't say, I will leave it hanging. Naeza uliwa because you never know Madam boss might be watching.' She joked.

So whether she and Tricky went ahead and made things official is still a mystery but Tricky who hasn't even paid dowry boldly claiming that he'd sire a kid with the young model is still a baffling thing for me.

And the fact that they have a around 6 years age difference! Wueh. 

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