Chito and Cyd react to Nigerian man fined 10k for insulting girlfriend

The Nigerian was fined by Kibera Law Courts for disturbance after he insulted his girlfriend and police officers who tried to intervene

Cyd and Chito
Kiss Fm presenters Cyd and Chito
Image: Kiss FM

Chito and Cyd reacted to the news that a Nigerian man, David Olaydaju had been fined 10 thousand shillings by Kibera Law Courts for shouting insults at his Kenyan girlfriend.

" Kibera Law Courts has fined a man 10 thousand shillings for hurling insults at his girlfriend.

Now I need us to note that this man is a Nigerian man who was hurling insults at his Kenyan girlfriend. So the court is like pay 10 thousand failure to which you land yourself 30 days in prison," Chito narrated as he and his co-host Cyd Wambui burst into bouts of laughter.


Cyd still reeling from laughter and disbelief quipped in saying, " Can you believe 10 thousand for insults? Sasa imagine if he had slapped her?" 

Chito agreeing with the charges said the fine was not just for the insults it was for creating disturbance as well before adding that despite it all he feels as if it was some sort of a misunderstanding.

" I feel like it was a miscommunication.... because you know our Nigerian brothers are always shouting. They are always hype," Chito said as he went ahead to put on his best impression of a Nigerian man.


Cyd clearly agreeing with Chito added that even when these guys are hitting on a lady, trying to woo her they are still shouting.

Adding, " they are not shouting they are just being loud, and it is fascinating" 

Chito finished off by saying that this verdict might have opened room for men to also start suing their loud wives and baby mamas.

Well if you are wondering how the drama ensued, the accused claimed he lost his temper because his girlfriend had locked him indoors for hours.

Details indicate that he not only insulted Edith Wachira ( the girlfriend) but also threatened to cause to beat her up.

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